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Teratoma Assay

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    • StemCore must be given at least 3 weeks of notice before injections.
    • Cells must be mycoplasma tested following at least 1 week of culture in antibiotic-free medium.
    • 1xT25 (or 2 x 6cm dishes) of the cell line at ~50% confluence is required per injection.
    • Teratoma formation can take anywhere from 8‐14 weeks. If no formation of a teratoma is seen at 14 weeks, StemCore would
    • recommend repeating the experiment. Customers will be invoiced for any experimental costs that have been accumulated, even in the event of no teratoma formation.

    • As standard practice, StemCore normally perform the assay in duplicate (2 mice per cell-line) but if a triplicate experiment is require please state this in your request.
    • StemCore typically injects mice aged between 4‐8 weeks. If a customer orders mice but the cells are not ready for the specified date, the customer may choose to use the mice at a later date, therefore older mice, or new mice can be ordered. Any unused mice, however, will be charged to the customer.

    Teratoma Assay includes:

    • Intramuscular injection of cells into NOD/SCID mice (2‐3 mice per cell line, at the discretion of the customer)
    • Observation of mass formation for 8-12 weeks
    • Fixing of any masses dissected from one or more of the mice (10% Formalin)
    • Embedding, sectioning and processing into H&E-stained slides
    • Evaluation of observed cell types and their representation of all three embryonic-germ cell lineages
    • Results are provided in the form of a report including images of representative cell types

Product Description

Teratoma Assay

StemCore’s teratoma formation assay involves the intramuscular injection of stem cells into the hind leg of an immunodeficient mouse. This assay is utilised to demonstrate whether a cell line has pluripotent differentiation potential and, therefore, the ability to form all 3 embryonic germ layers in vivo.  Please read our Terms and Conditions to gain further information about the procedure and requirements of this assay.