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Human Functional Genomics

Re-shaping and monitoring activity of the human genome
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Cas9 DNA sgRNA anim gif

3D structure of the SpCas9 protein complexed with an sgRNA bound to its DNA target  

StemCore possesses a wealth of expertise in human functional genomics, and can assist you with many of the latest approaches allowing researchers to edit, functionally modulate, or even visualise in real time, the human genome.
StemCore is constantly upgrading its capabilities in precise and efficient genome editing by implementing latest technologies, and as part of that process is engaged into a collaborative project with the UQ’s Genome Innovation Hub on development of CRISPR/Cas proteins providing novel editing modalities, including the recently-developed and unprecedentedly-accurate search-and-replace /  prime editing approach reagents.


          Genome editing       




                                                                                                 Manipulating the gene function


Visualisation of the genome in a living cell