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MG RNA-reprog colony BF square

iPSC generation using latest traceless methods

$ 1.00
Our national standing of the longest-running stem cell-focused facility is now supported by a strong record in the generation and use of the stem cell models.


We offer generation and characterisation of the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines using the most advanced techniques to ensure the highest degree of genomic integrity, and using a wide range of cell types as a source.


<-  A passage 1 human iPSC colony, reprogrammed using RNA transfection from a primary dermal fibroblast, immediately after its transfer onto the Matrigel™ matrix in the mTeSR1™ medium.

Reprogramming into iPS cells and correction (mRNA and CRISPR) Cost per sample/patient


6÷12/12÷24 fibroblast samples to convert into iPSCs with basic characterisation option (karyotype/IF/BF as shown above), per sample starting from


3 clones/patient, typically >50 generated and 6 expanded (3 additional uncharacterised clones also provided);
With basic characterisation service (option 1) –  after RNA reprogramming mTeSR bulk cultures of 3 clones deliverable, characterisation by karyotyping/pluripotency marker analysis by immunofluorescence
6+ mutation correction in fibroblast samples (coupled with the above reprogramming into iPSCs), per mutation site $6,290** Includes custom CRISPR tool-set creation, generation of a larger number of clones to screen and identification of homo/heterozygously-corrected and otherwise edited clones, recommended coupling with further functionalisation of the edited clones by introduction of an off-the-shelf or custom targeted reporter construct, ask us for more details
An in-depth characterisation of iPSC clonal lines package $1500/clone Detailed KaryoStat™ karyotyping (array-based CNV detailed genomic map) and PluriTest (transcriptomic analysis of iPS cells and whole transcriptome-based assessment of pluripotency)
*   for smaller (<6) and larger (24+) starting cell cohorts please contact us for pricing

** the cost of gene editing might include additional targeting construct synthesis charges, etc.


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Product Description

We offer iPSC generation using the latest RNA-based methods, offering an efficient, footprint-free production of iPS cells from, e.g.,  normal skin fibroblasts. This safe and benign method could be combined with gene correction or other types of genetic manipulation. Due to our BPA/NCRIS funding, we are able to offer a very competitive pricing on various characterization packages which could be tailored to fit your scientific and publication-compliance needs.