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Transgenic Human Stem Cell Lines

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We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom-generated transgenic human pluripotent stem cell lines.

As an example, we offer tools based on some widely-used human embryonic stem cell line suitable for studies on the calcium ion (Ca2+) dynamics in living cells, widely used in cardiomyocyte and neuronal cell type-based studies. The cells carry a strong ubiquitous CAGG promoter-driven 6th-generation fast-recovering GFP calcium sensor (GCaMP6f), knocked into the AAVS1 “safe-harbour” site, ensuring a robust and sustainable expression of the sensor protein across¬†many of the stem cell-derived cell types.



Contact us if you would like to augment your research on calcium dynamics in any of the cell types that could be generated from the human pluripotent stem cells!

Video courtesy of Dr. A. Prowse/Prof. P. Gray