Why StemCore?

StemCore provides NCRIS subsidised research infrastructure support. Enabling cost-effective stem cell based research tools and expertise to facilitate accelerated pathways to research outcomes.

Since their original derivation in 1998, human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) biology has significantly progressed from its infancy to a discipline teeming with commercial applications and clinical potential. hPSC research has progressed alongside other recent advances including genome editing and developmental biology, facilitating a harmony of research disciplines to utilise hPSC in personalised medicine, drug discovery and cell therapy.

The StemCore team has a breadth of knowledge in pluripotent stem cell biology, differentiation and culture methods. Together with members who are expert in molecular biology and gene-editing technologies, StemCore can provide a cost effective service for the development of research tools that are at the forefront of cutting edge methods and applications. This is enabled by NCRIS funding, allowing StemCore to provide a not-for-profit, cost recovery service for researchers. In turn, researchers can focus their time on research outcomes and not the tools to get there.  

At StemCore, we believe in the potential of regenerative medicine, and in giving academic research the best support it can get. Because together, we can work towards the better understanding and eradication of degenerative diseases. Our activity has long been generously supported by Bioplatforms Australia through funding from the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) scheme, and is now also supported by additional funding from the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland.