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Pluripotent Cell Differentiation

We offer a range of services for the differentiation of pluripotent cells in monolayer or aggregate based format. Whether for general assessment of pluripotent cell line differentiation capacity or for more targeted differentiation to a cell type of interest, we can work with you to meet your research goals.
Petri Dish

Differentiation to neural progenitors or other ectoderm derivatives

Ectoderm lineage


Differentiation to hepatocytes or other endoderm derivatives

Endoderm lineage


Differentiation to smooth muscle or cardiomyocytes plus many other derivatives of the mesoderm lineage.

Mesoderm lineage


GCAMP reporters provide an excellent tool for investigation of conductive cell types. We off tools for lineage based differentiation in monolayer or aggregate based formats or can work with you to design differentiation protocols for your cell line of interest

Cell type specific