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Reprogramming to iPSC

We offer reprogramming of adult somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cell lines using the latest traceless methods. StemCore staff have a proven track record of successful reprogramming to create high quality, well characterised iPSCs from a range of human cell types both wild-type and with a disease phenotype.
Science Lab

We offer generation and characterisation of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines using the most advanced techniques to ensure the highest degree of genomic integrity from a wide variety of starting adult cell types

Reprogramming to iPSC


We offer iPSC generation using the latest RNA-based methods, offering an efficient, footprint-free production of iPS cells from, e.g.,  normal skin fibroblasts. This safe and benign method can be combined with gene correction or other types of genetic manipulation.

Traceless Methodologies


We offer a range of characterisation options to suit the clients requirements. G-banding and immunofluorescence detection of pluripotent markers come as standard. Additional assays to characterise pluripotency, genomic integrity and differentiation potential can be requested to meet project specific requirements and can be found here.

Quality Assured iPSC Characterisation

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