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Welcome to StemCore

StemCore enables Australian academics and clinicians to advance their research throughput by providing cost effective human stem cell related products and services. We specialise in a wide range of tasks including provision of quality assured embryonic stem cells, reprogramming of adult cells to induced pluripotent stem cells and a diverse array of gene editing products for disease models and reporter lines. 

Products and Services

Pluripotent cell lines

Quality assured lines

Exclusive pluripotent lines derived in Australia and NIH approved. Each line will be supplied with a comprehensive product information sheet outlining cell line pluripotent characteristics and genomic integrity.


CRISPR-Cas9 technology

Genome modifications using state-of-the-art methods. Reporter lines, knock-in/out models and point mutation correction in disease models. Ask us to find out more.

iPSC Generation

Traceless methodologies

Producing high quality, well characterised iPSC lines from a range of donor samples. Choose from mRNA or Sendai-virus reprogramming techniques

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